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Latino Expo
WA L&I Presents Worker Safety Instructions
Here is a review of presentations made by the WA Labor and Industries group during the Latino EXPO 2016 (South Snohomish County Latino Safety and Health Fair). See titles below and follow (click) the links to the L&I Power Point Presentations (in English):
Occupational Asthma
Ergonomics and WMSDs
Common WMSD* Hazards in Your Workplace and Some Solution Ideas
Fire Safety
Using a Fire Extinguisher
First Aid
First Aid for General Industry
Job Safety Analysis
General Safety Analysis
Ladder Safety
General Ladder Use Hazards
Motor Vehicle Safety
Distracted Driving ?
Working Alone
Working Alone Safely
Latino Expo 2018 Activities Scheduled
Here is a partial list of our kid-friendly activities scheduled for Latino Expo 2018. Aquí tiene una lista de actividades «niño-amables» de Latino Expo 2018.


  • Arts & Crafts / Artes y Artesanias
  • Free Health Check-Ups / Chequeos Médicos Gratuitos
  • South Snohomish County & Health
  • 60-minute worker Safety Training for Construction, Landscape, Warehouse, and Manufacturing
  • 60 minutos de clases y entrenamiento para seguridad del trabajador en: Construcción, Jardinerïa, Almacén y Fabricación
  • Local Vendors / Presentacion de Negocios Locales
  • Raffles and Talent Show / Rifas y Concurso de Talento
  • Live Entertainment / Entretenamiento en Vivo
  • Latin American Cuisine / Comida Latinoamericana
  • Children's Regional Dress Contest / Concurso de Trajes Regionales de Niños
  • Childcare and Entertainment Area / Zona de Cuidado y Entretenimiento de Niños
Beginning at noon. Comenzando al medio día.
UW Bothell Supports LETI with Student Interns
LETI has been a community partner of University of Washington Bothell for over two years, and additional links are forming constantly. This summer the community-based learning and research (CBLR) is providing numerous student interns to help LETI with its annual Latino Expo, to be held August 4 in Edmonds. The Expo features community service and commercial activities that focus on the South Snohomish County area.

Read more at UWB Site

Download 2018 Expo Schedule
Click the following link for a fill-size view; then download as with any file. Haz clic en el siguiente enlace para mostrar el horario en tamaño original; entonces descargue como cualquier archivo.

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Expo 2016
CELEBRANDO Diversidad y Comunidad - Sabado 13 de Agosto, 2016
desde las 12:00 p.m hasta las 6:00 p.m.

Edmonds Community College
200th St. & 68th Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98036


Local Vendors / Presentacion de Negocios Locales
Raes and Karaoke Contests / Rifas y Concursos de Karaoke
Free Health Check Ups / Chequeos Medicos Gratuitos
South Snohomish County Safety & Health
30 minute Worker Safety Training for: Construction,
Landscape, Warehouse, and Manufacturing en Español
Live Entertainment / Entretenimiento en Vivo
Children's Regional Dress Contest / Concurso de Trajes Regionales de Niños
Latin American Cuisine / Comida Latinamericana
Childcare area / Cuidado y Entretenimíento de Niños

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