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Current Programs
Most programs at LETI are directed at the needs of first- and second-generation Latinos and are taught in a mix of Spanish and English as appropriate for the participants. Since the Covid-19 emergency, some programs have been converted primarily to an online format. Please review the Calendar and confirm the location before planning to attend.

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Community Service

Latino Expo

LETI's annual Latino Expo raises awareness and celebrates diversity within the Latino community and promotes access to resources and information. It is an excellent opportunity to show products and services from and for the Latino community. Our goal is to strengthen ties between the Latino community and the surrounding neighborhoods. (MORE)

Las Promotoras - Community Advocates

Training and Development of Community Volunteers to provide outreach and engagement to Latinos. Promotoras are trained as community advocates/outreach workers and serve as a liaison between LETI and the many resources in the community. Your main strength will be your ability to bond with members of the community, who share the same culture, neighborhood, and life experiences. (MORE)

Housing Justice Project Legal Clinic

The Housing Justice Project (HJP) Legal Clinic is a program offered by the Snohomish County Legal Services (SCLS). The HJP Clinic has provided legal services to struggling residents dealing with eviction, housing discrimination, and other relevant housing issues. The HJP Clinic provides individuals in South Snohomish County with free legal consultations. These legal consultations have been held remotely and in person at the institution via scheduled time slots with Adam Wicks-Arshack, a bilingual staff attorney at SCLS. Mr. Wicks-Arshack offers legal advice to our Spanish-speaking clientele. Please call (425) 775-2688 for more information and registration!

Nourishing Neighbors “Breakfast 4 All Kids” Campaign

Through a fundraising campaign carried out by multiple local Safeway and Albertsons stores in Snohomish County, LETI was awarded $42,743.66 to resume our former summer emergency nourishment project. This project allows us to provide $50 gift cards (for food) to a greater number of low-income families, exclusively for those with children enduring hunger as a result of financial hardships, more specifically, the children in Snohomish County. More

Edmonds Food Bank Distribution

We offer the opportunity to pick up your Edmonds Food Bank Orders at our LETI office on a Bi-weekly schedule. Pre-orders are REQUIRED, for more information or to get instructions on how to order, call or text (731) 798-2238.

Health and Wellness

Total Wellness of Latino Women

The Total Wellness of Latino Women program is held twice a year. This program offers free workshops for the personal and professional development and growth of women and their families. Our staff and a team of volunteers consider this program a great entry point to our services and programs as it allows participants to connect with a LETI staff member weekly while learning about all the resources available in the community. (MORE)

Vaccine Access Support Services and Outreach

This program initiative assists families in and around the Snohomish and Skagit counties with resource navigation and health information to promote the COVID-19 vaccine. As of 2020, 160+ individuals have been served with drive-thru flu shots. The outreach and support services provisioned through this program partner with local community organizations such as Sea Mar Health Centers and Coordinated Care to deliver COVID-19 drive-thru flu shots to families and PPE kit distribution to small businesses in Snohomish County.

Community-Driven Outreach Project

Community-Driven Outreach project (CDO) aims to improve COVID-19 information access and equity, develop meaningful and culturally appropriate, accessible communications, grow existing communications and engagement infrastructure: and strengthen relationships between communities and public health while addressing the social determinants of health amplified by the pandemic.LETI's position as a subcontractor, in collaboration with Centro Cultural Mexicano and the Washington State Department of Health, intends to strengthen its outreach and engagement to reach Spanish immigrant and low-income households in unincorporated Snohomish County and Skagit County. LETI intends to utilize COVID-19 post-pandemic health literacy materials and resources to support families while navigating them to local public health agencies. (MORE)

LETI Child Care Circles

Child Care Circles (Triple C) consists of a cohort of Latino mothers in need of pre-k childcare services. Participants exchange childcare services for valuable time to empower themselves through activities such as higher education courses or employment, instead of paying for childcare. LETI has leveraged the expertise of Edmonds College, the University of Washington, and the Edmonds School District to support this program.

Advancing Health Literacy

LETI seeks to better understand the barriers to the health of community members through scientifically designed community surveys in multiple languages, appropriate training, and interventions, and ongoing work to increase awareness of optimal resources, testing, and vaccinations for Covid. This program Promotes Public Health Prevention practices and evidence-based health literacy strategies to enhance COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and COVID-19 vaccination.

General Education

GED Classes in Spanish

If you haven't finished high school and would like to get your GED in Spanish this is the class for you. Classes are offered fall, winter, spring and summer quarters and are flexible to your schedule. For more info. To register, call our office (425) 775-2688.

Intro to College in Spanish

Edmonds College requires this class for students taking online classes for the first time. Learn about the new ctcLink /Canvas system, college email/Google apps, official GED website, community resources, FAFSA, WASFA, and more.

"Learn to Surf the Internet" Workshop

LETI provides free workshops where individuals can learn to use the internet through a mobile device or tablet. These workshops envision a pathway for individuals to realize their full potential and overcome any worries or fears concerning using technology or mobile devices.

Basic Computer Workshop

This basic computer course is offered by LETI and the Mexican Consulate of Seattle, which provides BECAS (scholarships) to Mexican citizens who wish to obtain this training. Once enrolled, students learn and apply their newly acquired skills in applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and the NorthStar certification in Basic Computing. Students also learn to use the Zoom platform effectively, both as participants and hosts, for personal, educational, or family needs.

Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI)

A yearly program that trains young Latinos from Edmonds College, Skagit Valley College and UWB and puts them on a path to become leaders, by involving them in their communities and by giving them the confidence and tools to succeed. (MORE)

English Conversational Class

Practice your English and pronunciation with an EDCC instructor. Classes are offered fall, winter and spring quarters to English level students 2-4. (MORE)

Financial Literacy

Learn to Manage Your Finances in Spanish and to take control of your finances completely free! This is a 16-week training, Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, that will teach you about: Values ​​and the influence of money, financial products, services and providers, income and expenses, family budget, savings, credit reports and scores, lending principles, and buying smartly. You will be able to obtain a certificate of participation. (MORE)

Professional Training

Vocational School

Licensed under Washington State’s Chapter 28C.10. RCW and with a Department of Labor and Industries (LnI) Approved Provider Number, the Latino Vocational School offers long and short-term certifications to private parties/individuals and L&I injured workers obtaining state-required retraining. With well-qualified bilingual-bicultural instructors, culturally appropriate educational instruction, and a low instructor-student ratio, we aim to assist students in crafting and achieving their educational goals. (MORE)


LETI Café is a business entrepreneurship program for Latina women living in Snohomish county, which has been developing for the past three years, turning into LETI’s largest ongoing project. The specific emphasis is to improve the mental, physical, and financial health of local Latinas and their families by sharing culture through food. Participant students receive additional program benefits such as: obtaining a Washington State Food Vendor License and Permit, learning to develop a business plan, the proper use of a food labeling system, obtaining empowerment and business coaching, and more.
This Program is temporarily on hold pending local licensing and site preparation at our new location.


Occupational Safety & Health

In cooperation with the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries, LETI has since 2021 produced several series of audio and video presentations on occupational safety and health, all in Spanish, with emphasis on agriculture, construction and other trades. We have also presented updated information on the COVID pandemic. See our dedicated safety website.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Business Development Workshop

How to Start a Small Business is an 11-week course coordinator presented by LETI and Entrepreneurial Leadership Development (ELD). Offered to the community twice per year, this workshop is now administered virtually to overcome barriers by reaching a wider audience and provides microloans for those who qualify.

Media & Entertainment


This project aims to serve as a virtual bridge between our Latinos and the services, programs and resources that are available to them. Interviews are done on Facebook Live every Thursday at 11am, and then shared on our YouTube page and website for future reference. (MORE)

LETI Children's Choir & Dance

The LETI Children's Choir was created by our Volunteer Coordinator and led by a local elementary school teacher, artist, and volunteer of LETI who graciously donates her talent and time. Our choir of children comprises up to 20 children, all from our local community. Children have participated in presentations such as Autumn Concert, Las Posadas 2021 and 2022, Latino Expo 2022, and most recently, the Hispanic/Latinx/Chicanx History Month Celebration hosted at the Lynnwood Public Library.