Current Programs • Programas Actuales
Most programs at LETI are directed at the needs of first- and second-generation Latinos and are taught in a mix of Spanish and English as appropriate for the participants.
NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 emergency, some programs have been converted to an online format. Please review the Calendar and confirm the location before planning to attend.

Personal Development • Desarrollo Personal

Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI)

The annual Latino Leadership Initiative seeks to empower young Latinos and put them on a path to become leaders, by involving them in their communities and by giving them the confidence and tools to succeed.
  • To increase the high school graduation rate
  • To promote college attendance and completion
  • To support academic success and achievement among Latinos
  • To encourage participation in projects and activities that enhance the community among Latino college students and supports the pursuit of success and achievement among Latino professionals.

Total Well-being of Latino Women

This FREE program prepares Latina women to better understand key elements that impact wellbeing, in order for them to improve their own well-being, not only in the home but also in many of the most important areas of life. Learn what it means to use positive communications at home, maintain an active life and how to reduce the stress of today’s fast paced world. The old adage is true for us all: Your health is your greatest wealth. Too often, we don’t realize this until our health is threatened. These sixteen sessions, taught in Spanish over about three months, provide important insights and information involving physical, mental and financial health including financial literacy, business development, and operating a business. Topics vary, and participants are encouraged to repeat or to become presenters themselves. This program is led by LETI with the support of many distinguish presenters from the University of Washington, and other local organizations. (MORE)

General Education • Educación General

Preparatory Studies

English from zero
English for beginners
Intermediate English 1
Intermediate English 2
Advanced English
Basic computing
Word 1
Word 2
Power Point

Basic English for Computer Studies

This is a mixed course for students who have minimal or no English and computer skills. Students will develop beginner English language skills to speak, listen, read and write, as well as grammar. In addition, students will learn basic computer skills. Class hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. To register call (206) 279-7673.

Conversational English

Practice your English and pronunciation with an Edmonds College instructor. Classes are offered in the fall, winter, and spring quarters for English-level students 2-4. To enroll, you'll need to complete an English level assessment. Class hours: Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm or Thursday from 7:00 pm to 8:20 pm. To register call (206) 279-7673

GED en Español

If you haven't finished high school and would like to get your GED in Spanish, this is the class for you. Classes are offered in the fall, winter, spring and summer quarters and are flexible to your schedule. To register call (206) 279-7673.

Using the Internet

This course will teach you how to navigate the Internet on your mobile phone and tablet. Includes basic information to email and messaging. Class hours: Mondays, Wednesdays or Friday mornings or afternoons. To register text (707) 397-0162.

ESL & Basic Work Readiness

This class is for people who have Basic English skills and are looking for work or want to go to college. You will get the registration, the class, and the books for FREE. Goodwill can also lend you a tablet with Wi-Fi if you don’t have a computer and internet service at home. We don’t give jobs, but we will help you find a good one! To register text ESL Readiness to (360) 386-5650.

Employment and Careers • Empleo y Carreras

LETI Vocational School

The mission of LETI Vocational School is to provide fast-tracked education and basic skills in Business Administration, Computer Technology and related subjects with the immediate goal of career advancement.

We give special emphasis and support to help first generation Latino immigrants and injured workers to learn the skills and knowledge they need to become employed, obtain financial independence, and contribute to their own family and local community. Instruction emphasizes business English with support in Spanish.

Current programs include office administration and practical bookkeeping, which are in demand and conducive to related and growing employment opportunities in business, non-profits, education and government. Additional programs are under development. (MORE)


Career Coaching

By registering you can enjoy training and mentoring 100% free In which you will
  • Learn how to eliminate the obstacles that are making you fail.
  • Develop the skills that will put you at the summit of success.
  • Learn to complete any project with solid results.
  • Equip yourself with the resources to achieve success in whatever you attempt.

OSHA-10 Training Sessions

LETI (Latino Educational Training Institute) affiliated local businesses offer bilingual training to obtain your OSHA-10 certification for free! OSHA certification is widely recognized in all of the U.S.; also health and safety in your workplace is mandatory. Space is limited (24 people maximum). Offered occasionally by demand and special grant. Offered irregularly and in conjunction with LETI's annual Expo Latino.

LETI has received a grant from the WA State Department of Labor and industries to support the creation and delivery of this program in Spanish.

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Personal Finance • Finanzas Personales

Financial Literacy

FINANCIAL LITERACY AND HOME OWNERSHIP. Our financial literacy program helps families prepare for home ownership and higher education. Focusing on the needs of first and second generation families who may not previously have bought a home, taken out a mortgage or financed higher education, these seminars offer an overview of techniques and strategies for short and long term financial planning.

The overall theme is to demystify the various financial institutions and procedures of the US economy rather than to provide specific directions. The seminars are offered by bilingual instructors. Substantial emphasis is given to terminology.

Learn about the process of buying a house, where and how the loan process works, and all the information you need to successfully move into your new home.


Seminars for First Time Home Buyers

Do you need to buy a home but don’t know where to start? These seminars are held throughout the year when demand meets certain minimum enrollment. For more information call (425) 775-2688.

COMPRA SU PRÓXIMA HOGAR. ¿Necesita comprar una casa pero no sabe por dónde empezar? Estos seminarios se llevan a cabo durante todo el año cuando hay interés suficiente. Para más información llame al (425) 775-2688.