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LETI is dedicated to strengthening relationships between Latinos and the wider community. We provide an array of services to that purpose. We also sponsor community events in and around our Lynnwood headquarters, including our annual Latino Expo; health fairs, workshops and other personal and family development activities.

We all face the need to have a good life every day. We all experience a desire to conquer what may seem to be an impossible challenge. What defines us is how willing we are to do what must be done so we may be where we want to be. There always is a new way to make ourselves better than ever. LETI’'s aim in all that we do is to develop a future of hope, lifelong achievement, self-realization and well-being among all Latinos.

Our Mission • Nuestra Misión

Latino Education and Training Institute (LETI) develops programs to facilitate the success of Spanish-speaking and bilingual persons in the US. Our experience in Washington State spans scholarship planning, personal financial literacy and civic participation.

LETI desarrolla programs para facilitar el éxito de personas hispanas y bilingües en los Estados Unidos. Nuestra experiencia en el Estado de Washington incluye planificación de becas, la literacia financiera, el bienestar de mujeres y familias, y la participación cívica.

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LETI's History • La Historia de LETI

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LETI is supported primarily by members of the community. We also appreciate grants and other support by cooperating non-profit organizations and generous business sponsors.
The first step in joining our efforts is to register as a member of this website. As a registered member you can post comments and communicate directly with other members. All program participants should register, so that they will receive important scheduling information.

El primer paso de apoyo es registrarse como miembro de este sitio. Como miembro Ud. puede agregar noticias y comunicar directamente con otros miembros. Todos participantes en nuestros programas deben registrarse para que reciban información como horarios y tareas.

Sponsor LETI or one of our programs with a donation in cash or in kind. We offer recognition of our valued sponsors prominently on this site and at public events. Contact our office Monday through Friday discuss the possibilities.

Patrocina o LETI o un programa específica con su regalo de efectivo o servicio. Reconocimos las contribuciones de nuestros patrocinadores en este sitio y durante eventos públicos. Contacte nuestra oficina de lunes a viernes para discutir las posibilidades.

Volunteers are the heart of LETI. They teach classes, organize events, serve as translators, guides and facilitators, create this website and much more. We invite your participation. Please write to us via the Contacts form or call us Monday through Friday.

Los voluntarios son el corazón de LETI. Enseñan, organizan, traducen, guian y facilitan, crean y mantienen este sitio y much mas. Les invitamos a participar. Favor de escribirnos o llamenos de lunes a viernes.

Management Team • Gerencia

Executive Director, Rosario Reyes
Associate Director, Tom Laing
Health and Wellness Coordinator, Marisol Bejarano
Website Manager, Rees Clark

Board of Directors • Junta de Directores

Rosario Reyes
Founder and President
Originally from Peru, Rosario founded LETI in 1998. She has served as president and executive director and chairs the board of directors. Her background is in engineering and social service administration.
Rees Clark, Ph.D.
Vice-president and Director
Member, chairs communications committee. He is Acting Director of LETI Vocational School and also manages the LETI website. His background is in higher education, public administration, systems analysis, web applications and customer relations management.
Sally Guzman
Sally is on hiatus from her duties as a director while a doctoral candidate in education at the University of Washington, Seattle.
Diana Morelli, Ph.D.
Bio forthcoming.
Jose Luís García-Pabón, Ph.D.
We regret to announce that Dr. García-Paban passed away in July, 2020.

José has worked with Washington State Extension in Everett. He has served as an organizer of the Latino Leadership Initiative since its founding.

Mel Cossette
Bio forthcoming.
Alfredo Chancco
Bio forthcoming.
Giselle Zapata-Garcia
Chairs fundraising committee.

Bio forthcoming.

Claire Peinado
Formerly with University of Washington, Bothell, nursing faculty, Claire now serves as a vice-president of Skagit Community College in Mt. Vernon, WA.
René Acevedo Rodriguez


Program Staff

Marisol Bejarano
Wellness Coordinator
Supervises our popular seminar series Bienestar Total de lal Mujer Latina. Coordinates in liaison with LETI Vocational School.
Felisa García Castellanos
Instructor, Career Coach
Felisa manages our Career Coaching program and offers classes on career advancement. This would be a good time for Felisa to send her professional biography to Rees.


Eliana Pesola
Communications Associate
Coordinates publicity and member notifications.

Administrative Staff

Tom Laing 3d
Asst. Executive Director, Accountant
Nelly Romero
Staff Assistant
Nelly maintains our membership and mailing lists.

We, the board of directors and the executive staff of LETI, reaffirm our values of inclusion, non-discrimination, and service to our clients and community members. We also reaffirm our commitment to work with, support and assist the Latino community regardless of immigration experience and status, nationality, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability. Our offices and training center are safe spaces for anyone, free from the dangers of discrimination, bigotry, hate, and other forms of abuse.