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Current Programs

Most programs are directed at the needs of first- and second-generation Latinos and are taught in a mix of Spanish and English as appropriate for the participants.

GED en Español

Earn a high school certificate that is the same as a traditional high school diploma by passing the GED—General Educational Development Test. This class is taught in Spanish in association with Edmonds Community College. The success rate in students receiving their GED certificate is extremely high! (MORE)

Financial Literacy

Our financial literacy program helps families prepare for home ownership and higher education. Focusing on the needs of first and second generation families who may not previously have bought a home, taken out a mortgage or financed higher education, these seminars offer an overview of techniques and strategies for short and long term financial planning. The overall theme is to demystify the various financial institutions and procedures of the US economy rather than to provide specific directions. The seminars are offered by bilingual instructors. Substantial emphasis is given to terminology.
HOME BUYING SEMINAR. Learn about the process of buying a house, where and how the loan process works, and all the information you need to successfully move into your new home.

Training for Injured Workers

Are you are a Spanish-speaker who was injured on your job and need to pursue a new career? Improve your English and learn how to use computer software to enter and successfully complete a college retraining program. Taught in a mix of Spanish and English by a Latino instructor associated with Edmonds Community College, here is the opportunity to transform your life and express your talents. This program is offered in cooperation with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries who refers students to help them reenter the workforce.

Latina Well-being Network

This FREE program prepares latina women to better understand key nutrition concepts and be able to create their future well-being, not only in the kitchen, but also in many of the most important areas of life. Learn what it means to use positive communications at home, maintain an active life and how to reduce the stress of today?s fast paced world. The old adage is true for us all: Your health is your greatest wealth. Too often, we don?t realize this until our health is threatened. These eight eight sessions, taught in Spanish over two months, provide important insights and information involving physical, mental and financial health including financial literacy, business development, and operating a business. The program is led by LETI and the Latino Community Studies Program at Washington State University Extension. (More)


The annual Latino Leadership Initiative promotes leadership development and community engagement among young Latinos in Washington. We seek to encourage college and university students to assume leadership in projects that encourage our communities to increase the rate of high school graduation, to promote college attendance and completion, and to support the pursuit of success and achievement among Latino professionals. (MORE)

English Conversation

Expand your horizons by speaking English with confidence and understanding. Engage in interesting and enjoyable conversation with other Latinos while improving your English vocabulary and comfort in speaking English, all at the same time. Additional English programs: English for True Beginners Basic English; Intermediate English 1; Intermediate English 2; Advanced English.

Basic Computing

Basic Computer Skills: WWW browsers; Word 1; Word 2; Excel; Power Point.

College Readiness

Need to improve your English skills to gain entry into a Community College? This is the program for you. Learn English and improve your computer skills at the same time in this combination program that will prepare you for the college education of your choice and the new career you have always wanted. For more information or to register, click here.

Community Services en Español

Throughout each year, LETI offers classes in Spanish for the Latino community on such subjects as first aid, CPR, financial literacy, accident prevention, fall protection, worker’s rights, wage and hour regulations, insurance, general industry and construction hazard recognition, bookkeeping, business management, and community services, among others. These classes are offered as the need becomes apparent and our resources allow. Review our Calendar for upcoming events or register to receive information via our newsletter.

Lynnwood University

Learn the what, where and how of Lynnwood city services in Spanish. The City of Lynnwood began this program over 10 years ago to inform Lynnwood citizens about their municipal system. The City has contracted with LETI to conduct this program in Spanish for the Latino community. City government is here to serve everyone’s needs. This program will introduce you to a caring city staff who, when the need arises, you know you can contact with ease and receive the help that will make a difference. (MORE)

Mexican Folklore and Regional Dance

This active class keeps the traditional Mexican folk dances alive to become part of each year’s celebrations and events. Young and old learn side by side from master Latino dancers who love to share their passion for dance and tradition.

Latino Expo

Our annual Expo has been presented in August since 1989.

Health Fair

Recurring Health Fairs include various medical screenings and consultations, along with referrals to local health resources. See our calendar for upcoming fairs.

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