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Taller agrícola en español con interpretación Mixteca
Agricultural workshops to be provided in Spanish with Mixteco interpretation.

(Se presenta una conferencia sobre la literacia financiera para agricultores en Skagit County. Descargue el volero para horario y ubicación.)

On May 6, 9, and 13 NABC will host a workshop in Mt. Vernon, Skagit County, informing participants on basic financial literacy. This includes things like understanding loans, preparing to qualify for a loan, understanding different types of loans and knowing what each requires.

"Working with Latinx farmers and other business owners we have seen and experienced some of the struggles and barriers some of them have," Alex Perez, NABC's Latinx Business Development Project Manager said. "The biggest things we see as huge need is access to money to buy equipment, land, start operation, hire employees, buy seeds for next season, pay employees even if they have a sudden loss of produce – a lot of unknowns in farming, so other unexpected expenses too. There is also a great need with basic financial literacy, understanding banking services and how to prepare and understand loans."

The goals of the workshop are to help participants:
Teach basic financial literacy and banking knowledge so they can access, understand, and use things like business accounts, checking and savings accounts, credit scores, and income/debt ratios.
How to plan to be financially ready for a personal, business or auto/home loan.
The intention and approach will be to offer these workshops in culturally appropriate format to make it less intimidating and more welcoming.

NABC is partnering with Express Credit Union, Peoples Bank, Catholic Community Services Farmworkers Center and Skagit Valley College to produce this workshop. Additionally, Food Lifeline is the workshop sponsor.

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