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Leadership Kickoff Evokes Strong Student Response
The kickoff event of Latino Leadership Initiative for 2018 was held January 6th at Edmonds Community College. The following are comments taken from student evaluations.

“What was the highlight of today?.

  • The digital Disruption explanation.
  • The speech of Dr. Antonio Sanchez when he reminded us to ask ourselves where our roots are coming from and to be proud of our culture and our language.
  • Seeing and hearing Jean Hernandez speak again was the highlight of the day.
  • The diverse history and informative details given by the speakers and the film were the highlight of the day.
  • Watching the film. (Harvest of Empire)
  • History and Contributions of Latinos in WA State.
  • Definitely the presentation done by Dr. Antonio Sanchez.
  • Dr. Antonio Sanchez and Juan, Luis and their passion when it comes to helping the Latino community.
  • The Panel discussions as well as the Documentary.
  • I really liked all the speakers, they all had something important to share.
  • Dr. Antonio Sanchez and John Kim were the ones who impacted the most.
  • John Kim was the most highlight for me because I didn’t have an idea how important it is to take step by step to achieve your goal in school.
  • I found the panel extremely informative; although all the information was interesting.
  • The History and Contributions of Latinos in WA State, but the movie was impressive.
  • To know where you are from, represent your culture.
  • Getting to learn about the REAL History of WA.

Please name two ideas or statements of today that you won’t forget easily.

  • If you don’t run for government someone else will make choices for you. “You have a voice and are empowered to do anything.
  • Career advice, preparing to work in a changing world.
  • That we are a presence in the U.S, your thoughts don’t have to be approved anymore.
  • If you are not involved, someone will be and they may not have your best interests in mind; be strong, be authentic.
  • The history of Latin America and how has it been affected by U.S..
rees - Mar 20, 2018, 9:21 AM
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