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LETI website gets a facelift
LETI as you all know has been serving the Lynnwood area under the watchful eye of Rosario Reyes for over 20 years; for a nonprofit that's a long time!

In its last meeting the LETI board of directors welcomed a new member, Sally Guzman Reyes, a recent University of Washington graduate who will take on the role of communication liaison for the organization. Mrs. Guzman Reyes is taking a lead role to give LETI's site a few cosmetic changes that reflect the new events, fundraisers and programs the board has been hard at work on.

With the original creator of LETI's logo and long time helper in all things creative, Jose Tello, we have adopted a new logo. We have retained elements of our former logo with just a touch of amethyst on the horizon to remind us of new beginning and hope that LETI brings to its community.

We thank Jose Tello for his hard work as well as Rees Clark, board member and owner of Clark Internet Publishing for helping us with our modernization. We thank the community, too, for all your support, and we hope you will continue to support LETI in future endeavors!
Guest - Feb 4, 2012, 12:36 PM
Watch for continuing improvements as we build the site, including changes to layouts and sections.

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