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UW Bothell Faculty Testimonials on LETI'S Impact on Community
The Latino Educational Training Institute (LETI) has been awarded the IAS Community Partner of the Year Award by UW Bothell this year. LETI has continuously partnered with UW Bothell to provide the Latino Leadership Initiative program for young students who aim to make a difference in the Lynnwood community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Personal Message from LETI CEO - Rosario Reyes

"I'd like to express how grateful the LETI community is for receiving the 2021 IAS Community Partner of the Year Award. The contributions from UW Bothell and LETI in training and impacting future young leaders have been shown to make a difference in the community. I look forward to the continued relationship with UW Bothell's faculty and student body. From all of us at the Latino Educational Training Institute: We'd like to thank the UW Bothell faculty for such kind words expressed and memories reflected upon in receiving this award."