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Dinner with Benefits
Who doesn’t like going out for dinner from time to time? Nowadays, the diversity of cuisines available turns dinner into such a pleasant experience. At some places we can be accompanied with live music at others, with a show, and there are also places where we can find it all, but also do something good without any effort, only by presence. The Annual Latino Leadership Dinner is a great opportunity for networking and to enjoy a beautiful award-winning dance show.

The first dinner was organized in 2015 to celebrate the work of young Latin leaders, participants of Latino Leadership Initiative, the project that is created to help Latin students to acquire or improve their leadership skills and to integrate into the community.

The students of LLI are hosting dinner and fundraising event in order to promote reach Latino culture, leadership, education and community engagement. That program always shows a high level of interest among children and their parents.

The dinner party is a multi-purpose event, besides raising money for other future programs of LETI, it is a networking, communication skills practice opportunity, celebration, and entertainment. Gourmet Latino Dinner will be prepared by Edmonds CC culinary teachers and students. The speeches and testimonials will be followed by a salsa dance performance, provided by a local salsa group, and the colorful show from LETI Cultural Group of Mexican Music and Dances, and after a dessert break the music will continue again. Doesn’t it look like a good option for an evening?

The LLI team is hopeful that they will be able to hold the annual dinner in spring 2021, following its cancelation in 2020 due to Covid-19. We hope you'll be able to join us.