Latino Educational Training Institute
Sponsorship Video Offer
Annual sponsors of LETI at the Hero level may receive a one-to-three-minute video promoting the sponsor's business or organization.

An additional donation is required. The amount depends on the length and style of the video, typically under $1,000. Production is done in cooperation with LETI Vocational School.

The video will use the services of a virtual spokesperson generated by artificial intelligence and may use either an AI-generated voiceover or a voiceover supplied by the sponsor. Many styles, voices and languages are available. An example appears on this page.

You will receive a copy that you can use as you wish, such as by posting it on social media.

In addition to the usual sponsor presence on the LETI website, the offer includes a listing in 411LATINO (the Latino Business Directory) and also Seattle Press, Mill Creek Today, and African American Business Link among others. The sponsor's video is designed for display on standard monitors. For a small fee, the video can be automatically resized for use on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other media venues.

Your video will remain on line at LETI for one year or as long as your annual sponsorship continues.

Languages and variations can be added at a modest fee for duplication, transcription, recording, storage and transmission.

This is a limited offer and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Video requests will be accommodated in the order received. Please reserve your video today!


  • Visit the Donation page and make an annual donation of at least $1,000.
  • Copy the Transaction ID from your receipt or create a copy of your receipt.
  • Send us a message, attaching your copy, using our contact form.
  • Allow three business days for a reply.
  • We will confirm your contribution, and our video project manager will contact you to arrange details.
  • You will supply text describing your business or organization plus up to six images or video clips of your choice. We may edit your text for smoothness of presentation. The maximum length of the finished product is 50 seconds.
  • Allow two weeks for production.
This reward is produced and managed by Clark Internet in cooperation with LETI Vocational School. All productions result in an additional donation to LETI in the sponsor's name.