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La misión se agranda
Accomplishments to 2023
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LETI continues to grow. As of 2023 we have....

This is some optional text AFTER the video. It is recommended that extended descriptions of the video be placed here. Delete component if superfluous.


Displaying your video

  1. In the Article List, select the video template.
  2. Copy the template to a new article.
  3. Enter the codes, title, author, date etc., into the article settings. SAVE the new article.
  4. Capture the embedding code from Streaming Video Provider or YouTube or ...?
  5. In the Layout, open the video component.
  6. Paste the embedding code to replace the placeholder text. SAVE the component.
  7. Review the page.
    • in the settings including selectors type, topic, edition; add a synopsis and description as needed.
    • in the layout, type leading and/or trailing text if needed OR delete any superfluous text components.
    • allow/disallow user comments.
    Review again for errors.
  8. Delete this training text component.
  9. Set the article status to Active.
  10. Inspect the public view; edit as needed.


DO NOT accidentally edit this template. Copy it, change its name and edit the copy. There is no (easy, free) way to recover from changing the master layout.