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Rees Clark
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Registered Feb 2012
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Rees is a board member and vice president of LETI.
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Recent Updates

Check out the Sponsor and Partner logos on our Home and Donate pages. These organizations have made substantial contributions to LETI. You can join them at the following link.
7422 31 Oct 2017 LINK
HIGH SCHOOLERS AND RECENT GRADS: DON'T MISS the Oct 25 deadline for submitting your DACA scholarship application.
7421 18 Oct 2017 LINK
We are happy to welcome Chelsea Rios as the new associate editor of LETI News and our Facebook page.
7417 28 Sep 2017
Watching the video of rescue efforts from Mexico City, it occurs to me those are exactly the sort of people we should welcome.
7413 20 Sep 2017
We're seeking sponsors for Latino Leadership Institute; if interested click below. Buscamos patrocinadores para el Instituto de Liderazgo Latino. Si Ud. puede participar haz click por abajo.
7387 8 May 2017 LINK
We welcome our new intern Jasmine Sanchez! Jasmine will initially be helping us with our research on bilingual reemployment programs across the nation.
7369 13 Jan 2017
The latest update to the LETI home page focuses attention on current events, member commentaries and active programs. Our apologies to those who love blocks of gray text.
7360 10 Dec 2016
The member system is now active. Click the Register link to join. El sistema de miembros es activo. Haz clic en «Register» para juntarse.
7358 6 Dec 2016 LINK
The Member Updates feature now supports inline images. Before creating your posting, save your image in a public space such as YouTube, Picasa, etc.; copy the URL of the image; paste it in the update form.
7259 21 Dec 2015

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