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Rees Clark ( 31-Oct-2017 )
Check out the Sponsor and Partner logos on our Home and Donate pages. These organizations have made substantial contributions to LETI. You can join them at the following link. LINK

Rees Clark ( 18-Oct-2017 )
HIGH SCHOOLERS AND RECENT GRADS: DON'T MISS the Oct 25 deadline for submitting your DACA scholarship application. LINK

Rees Clark ( 28-Sep-2017 )
We are happy to welcome Chelsea Rios as the new associate editor of LETI News and our Facebook page.

Rees Clark ( 20-Sep-2017 )
Watching the video of rescue efforts from Mexico City, it occurs to me those are exactly the sort of people we should welcome.

Rees Clark ( 8-May-2017 )
We're seeking sponsors for Latino Leadership Institute; if interested click below. Buscamos patrocinadores para el Instituto de Liderazgo Latino. Si Ud. puede participar haz click por abajo. LINK

Rees Clark ( 13-Jan-2017 )
We welcome our new intern Jasmine Sanchez! Jasmine will initially be helping us with our research on bilingual reemployment programs across the nation.

Rees Clark ( 10-Dec-2016 )
The latest update to the LETI home page focuses attention on current events, member commentaries and active programs. Our apologies to those who love blocks of gray text.

Rees Clark ( 6-Dec-2016 )
The member system is now active. Click the Register link to join. El sistema de miembros es activo. Haz clic en «Register» para juntarse. LINK

Rees Clark ( 21-Dec-2015 )
The Member Updates feature now supports inline images. Before creating your posting, save your image in a public space such as YouTube, Picasa, etc.; copy the URL of the image; paste it in the update form.

Rees Clark ( 5-Dec-2015 )
El bilingüismo es casi siempre una ventaja, casi nunca un obstáculo.

Rees Clark ( 5-Dec-2015 )
Latino Leadership Initiative orientation begins at noon today (12/5) at Skagit College in the multipurpose room of Cardinal Center. Follow LINK to map. LINK

Rees Clark ( 19-Nov-2015 )
Members can now upload a portrait/avatar for use throughout the site wherever they add content. Try it! (Los miembros pueden ahora cargar un retrato para acompañar sus comentarios y otras contribuciones.)

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Rees Clark ( 14-Nov-2015 )
Board members should sign in and post a comment! Contact Tom Laing or Rees for sign-in information if you have not used the system previously.

Betty Koteles ( 11-Nov-2015 )
Clases de GED® en Español .. TIENES PREGUNTAS? Asiste a la Clase de Orientación para el Curso que comienza en Enero -Trimestre del Invierno(Winter Quarter)- El día Martes 1ro de Diciembre,2015 a las 6pm. En LETI → 6605 202nd St. SW, Lynnwood WA.

Rosario Reyes ( 11-Nov-2015 )
Job available: Digital Marketing Specialist (Communications Consultant 2) Requires Bachelor's degree and Spanish language skills Closes 12-04-15

Rosario Reyes ( 11-Nov-2015 )
Job available: Program Manager A - Transitional Studies Requires Spanish language skills Closes 11-22-15

Rees Clark ( 11-Nov-2015 )
We have a new look today as we experiment with ways to improve our website.

Rees Clark ( 10-Nov-2015 )
Writing training instructions for board members about adding comments to the site.

Ken Klima ( 2-Nov-2015 )
Worked in Outlook. I also have MSN Premium and that appeared to hang up, but since very few people have MSN Premium, likely not a problem. Outlook said to be careful because this site failed the fraud test--whatever that means.

Rees Clark ( 1-Nov-2015 )
We're playing with the website this week. Please excuse our dust!

Rees Clark ( 25-Oct-2015 )
Our friends at Las Americas Business Center have updated their website with new information on available services for businesses and individuals. LINK

Rees Clark ( 21-May-2015 )
Attending United Way training with Rosario & Tom.

Rees Clark ( 15-May-2015 )
Looking forward to LLI graduation Saturday, May 16, at Everett Community College.

Rees Clark ( 10-May-2015 )
EXCELLENT presentations by Latino Leadership Initiative teams from Everett, Edmonds and Skagit colleges. Graduates: Remember to register for alumni information.

Rees Clark ( 20-Apr-2015 )
Attended LETI Board of Directors meeting. New board member, report on gala proceeds, planning for next year, new ESL course and possible other projects.

Rees Clark ( 20-Apr-2015 )
Working on adding board and 2015 leadership students to member list.

Rees Clark ( 14-Apr-2015 )
Spring gala was a success. We have a good group of LLI students, and I look forward to seing their projects.

Rees Clark ( 8-Apr-2015 )
Big doings this weekend. Get your tickets for the LETI Spring Gala. Good food and entertainment.

Rees Clark ( 23-Apr-2014 )
GED program is well into its second year. Attended session with 30 students in Everett 4/22. Very solid group of success minded adults.

Rees Clark ( 8-Mar-2014 )
Attended second United Way training March 3; topic: Strategic Planning for non-profit boards of directors, with Betty Koteles.

Rees Clark ( 13-Jan-2014 )
Attending United Way training with Rosario Reyes and Betty Koteles in Everett.

Rees Clark ( 11-Jan-2014 )
Attending first regular session of leadership initiative at Skagit Valley College.

Rees Clark ( 8-Dec-2013 )
Updates now echo on home page. Sign into your profile and tell other LETI friends what you are doing, thinking, reading, hoping...

Rees Clark ( 5-Apr-2012 )
We're moving forward. Journaling is on; membership is open. ¡Olé!

Manager Clark Internet ( 15-Jan-2010 )
Post a quick update or an entire article.

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