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What would you like to discuss today? Do you have thoughts on DACA, the border...
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Personal Updates • Actualidades Personales

Irina Korchemnaya 18-Jan-2021

Irina Korchemnaya 08-Jan-2021
Becas disponibles

Irina Korchemnaya 08-Jan-2021
Becas disponibles
Bonnie Hull 04-Jan-2021
Dear LETI,
I am a Vocational Counselor and have some questions about the training in Office Administration. Would someone please give me a call? My phone number is (360) 391-0058
Thank you,
Bonnie Hull
Rees Clark 04-Jan-2021
Writing journaling instructions for LLI students.
Irina Korchemnaya 18-Dec-2020
Clase de Conversación en Inglés

Irina Korchemnaya 17-Dec-2020
¡Feliz Navidad!

Irina Korchemnaya 14-Dec-2020
Bienestar en linea

Rees Clark 13-Dec-2020
Hay que pensar antes de salir. Tu salud está en riesgo. (Gracias a Glenda para la idea.)

Rees Clark 11-Dec-2020
¡Haga su plan de asistir!

Irina Korchemnaya 08-Dec-2020
¡No se lo pierda, incluso si no tiene su GED, aún podría recibir una certificación de Asistente de Contabilidad o de Oficina!

Site Manager 05-Dec-2020
Esta semana en la serie Bienestar Total de la Mujer Latina. Viernes el 4 de Dic. a las 10 AM sobre "El Camino Hacia el Autoempleo". Reunión de Zoom: ID: 864 0358 1999; Passcode: 534086

Rees Clark 19-Nov-2020
LETI los invita a la platica via Zoom este viernes sobre "Diabetes y Alimentacion Saludable" con nuestra presentadora Daniella Ochoa, una la Educadora de Salud de Sea Mar, empezando a las 10 AM.

Rees Clark 07-Nov-2020
Pierde algo en tracucción; it loses something in translation.

Rees Clark 05-Nov-2020
«Bienestar» para mujeres - 6 de noviembre.

Rees Clark 05-Oct-2020
No es tarde; Ud. puede contestar el Censo 2020 hasta el 31 de octubre. It's not too late; you can return your Census 2020 form through Oct. 31.
Rees Clark 05-Oct-2020
We are pleased to announce that former LLI student and volunteer Arlet Astorga has joined the LETI team in a staff capacity and will be managing administrative affairs.
Rees Clark 05-Oct-2020
We welcome to the LETI team Irina Korchemnaya, who will be helping us with communications and public relations.
Job Search Feature 30-Jun-2020
Job Opportunity: COVID Disease Intervention Specialist - Case and Contact Investigators
Rees Clark 08-Feb-2020
The LETI vocational school appears to be off to a good start in its first trimester practical accounting course.
Rees Clark 07-Jan-2020
Judging by the orientation meeting, we have another talented group of students in the Latino leadership initiative for 2020. We have also added a special website for that program.
Rees Clark 13-Nov-2019
Jueces de inmigración indican que millones de archivos son desaparecidos, quizás destruidos.
Rees Clark 10-Nov-2019
Eight-year-old Zury Tlapanco Reyes, a fourth grader from Altamira, Tamaulipas, has been declared Grand Champion of the 2019 International Mental Arithmetic Competition, reports Forbes.

moni_21 02-Jul-2019
Please like us on Facebook at "Latino Educational Training Institute - LETI" to keep up with information from our vocational school!
Rees Clark 27-Jun-2019
Our new vocational school has been approved by Washington State. The goal is to enroll our first students in October. Watch this space!
Rees Clark 26-Jun-2019
Consumir cannabis mientras estar embarazada o amamantando puede transmitir el THC (un químico que altera el estado de las personas) a su bebé.
Rees Clark 23-May-2019
We had excellent presentations from LLI students this past weekend. All the groups appeared to have met their objectives and created concise, effective presentations.
Rees Clark 24-Apr-2019
Check out this presentation on inclusive policies for disabled students 4/25/19 at Edmonds CC.
Loretta Haley 27-Feb-2019
We had a great time at 'Bienestar' with Athalie and Angela.
Site Manager 19-Feb-2019
Meeting this week with Loretta for news management training.

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