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Join us August 3, 2019! ¡Reunese con nosotros el 3 de agosto!
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This page is a general entry point for the Expo, showing Key components: overall description, schedule of events on the day, all integrated with calendar by time of day; gallery view of past events...

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Deadline for reduced price booth reservations: DD.MMM.YYYY
Deadline for booth reservations: DD.MMM.YYYY


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18-Oct-2019 - Participa En Una Conversación Sobre Las Responsabilidades De La Policía

News Preview

WA L&I Presents Worker Safety Instructions
Here is a review of presentations made by the WA Labor and Industries group during the Latino EXPO 2016 (South Snohomish County Latino... Continues...
Latino Expo 2018 Activities Scheduled
Here is a partial list of our kid-friendly activities scheduled for Latino Expo 2018. Aquí tiene una lista de actividades «niño-amables»... Continues...

UW Bothell Supports LETI with Student Interns
LETI has been a community partner of University of Washington Bothell for over two years, and additional links are forming constantly. This... Continues...

Download 2018 Expo Schedule
Click the following link for a fill-size view; then download as with any file. Haz clic en el siguiente enlace para mostrar el horario en... Continues...
Expo 2016
CELEBRANDO Diversidad y Comunidad - Sabado 13 de Agosto, 2016
desde las 12:00 p.m hasta las 6:00 p.m.

Edmonds Community... Continues...