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September 28, 2019 - OSHA 10 Training- 10 Hours Of Training In Just Two Days!

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Rees Clark 11-Sep-2019
I'm updating the instructions for editing the website to help our volunteers and employees.

Site Manager 02-Jul-2019
We welcome our new marketing communications intern Monica.
moni_21 02-Jul-2019
Please like us on Facebook at "Latino Educational Training Institute - LETI" to keep up with information from our vocational school!
Loretta Haley 19-Jun-2019
Welcome our new volunteer Anna!
Tom Laing 3d 31-Jan-2018
Found this interesting article in the Seattle Times.
Betty Koteles 11-Nov-2015
Clases de GED® en Español .. TIENES PREGUNTAS?
Asiste a la Clase de Orientación para el Curso que comienza en Enero -Trimestre del...
Ken Klima 02-Nov-2015
Worked in Outlook. I also have MSN Premium and that appeared to hang up, but since very few people have MSN Premium, likely not a problem. ...
Manager Clark Internet 15-Jan-2010
Post a quick update or an entire article.

Horario/Schedule para/for «Bienestar» Otoño/Fall de 2019
Workshops every Friday, Sept.6 until December 20, 2019; topics subject to change. Talleres todos los viernes hasta 20 de diciembre 2019; temas pueden cambiar. Also see the calendar - vea también el calendario. 9/6/19Women Empowerment | Liderazgo de La Mujer 9/13/19Access to... Continues...

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OSHA 10 Training- 10 hours of training in just two days!
Repeating Saturday 28 September and Sunday 29 September!

Saturday June 29th & Sunday June 30th at 8:15 am - 3:00 pm LETI will be offering... Continues...
LETI Licensed for Vocational Training in Washington State
Latino Educational Training Institute (LETI) has recently been approved and licensed to provide vocational training in Washington State.... Continues...

Snohomish County Discrimination Rises in Recent Study
According to a soon-to-be released annual Snohomish County (WA) health survey, acts of discrimination remain on the rise. In December 2018,... Continues...
La policía o ICE están en mi casa; ¿que debo hacer?
Cómo permanecer reduce el riesgo para ti mismo Mantén la calma y cierra la puerta. Es más seguro hablar con ICE a través de la puerta... Continues...

Suicide Prevention Clinic Set
Suicide is a major and preventable cause of death among young adults. Learn how to anticipate and avoid student suicides by attending this... Continues...

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