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LETI Board members Rosario Reyes (left), Diana Morelli Klima (right) and Rees Clark (rear), along with Juan Peralez, surround outgoing Edmonds Comm College Jean Hernandez at the Oct. 4 dedication of a student center "reflection room" in her honor.
Eligible students should submit their application now; the deadline is Oct. 25. The application process is on line at the link below. Students must be DACA-eligible and meet other requirements.

Golden Door scholarship recipients receive up to four-year tuition and room & board scholarships to DACA and TPS students from tuition lock-out states all over the country!

Scholarship recipients will receive funding to cover up to full tuition, room and board for a four-year degree at Golden Door partner schools, beginning Fall semester, 2018. Students who have applied to or are interested in ... ...Read complete article...

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Financial assistance announced for DACA renewals
Gov. Jay Inslee (has announced) that Washington state DREAMers will soon have assistance in paying the $495 application... Continues...
Washington Women in Need's Education Grant
Great news: Washington Women in Need’s Education Grant fall application cycle opens on Wednesday September 20, 2017... Continues...
Free Recycling Training Offered; Se ofrece entrenamiento gratis de reciclaje
EspañolBecome an Ambassador for the Environment with WSU Extension! Learn about the problem of waste, what things can... Continues...
Response to DACA Program Termination
We've been receiving many inquiries about the Trump adminitration's decision to terminate the DACA program. Until some... Continues...
«Bienestar...» series resumes Sept 6
LETI's popular "Total well being for the Latin woman" series begins again on September 6. Click the graphic for... Continues...

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Rees Clark ( 18-Oct-2017 )
HIGH SCHOOLERS AND RECENT GRADS: DON'T MISS the Oct 25 deadline for submitting your DACA scholarship application. LINK

Mel Cossette ( 21-Dec-2015 )
Mel Cossette is the Executive Director and PI for the National Science Foundation ATE funded National Resource Center fo...

Betty Koteles ( 11-Nov-2015 )
Clases de GED® en Español .. TIENES PREGUNTAS? Asiste a la Clase de Orientación para el Curso que comienza en Enero ...

Building a Brighter Future

We all face the need to have a good life every day. We all experience a desire to conquer what may seem to be an impossible challenge. What defines us is how willing we are to do what must be done so we may be where we want to be. There always is a new way to make ourselves better than ever. LETI’s aim in all that we do is to develop a future of hope, lifelong achievement, self-realization and well-being among all Latinos.