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Serie 3 'Bienestar' Comienza 5 de Septiembre

The popular 'Bienestar de la Mujer Latina' series resumes with season 3 on September 5. Topics focus on the needs of the modern latinx family in the Northwest. Participants my register at the first session or by calling the number on the attached flyer.

La serie popular xxx comienza de nuevo el 5... Continues...
ESD Formalizes Support for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Washington

OLYMPIA – Just days before National Labor Rights Week, leaders from the Employment Security Department (ESD) and the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle signed an agreement today formalizing their partnership to help Mexican nationals understand their rights to employment and unemployment services in... Continues...
Serie 'Bienestar' Comienza 9 de Septiembre
1 Una temporada nueva de nuestra serie popular Bienestar de la Mujer Latina comienza el 9 de septiembre y continua hasta el 19 de diciembre. Cada miércoles a las 10 de la mañana se presentan varios temas como derechos legales, cuentas bancarias, salud, asuntos familiares, control del estrés,... Continues...
Latino Expo 2018 Sets New Participation Standard

The 18th Latino Expo was held August 4 at Edmonds Community College. It set new records for vendor and informational booths, and attendance surpassed all previous years.

Karat Mercedes Garcia of radio El Rey 1360 AM, opened the program along with Miss Washington Latina Edith Gonzales, and Miss... Continues...
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Milagros Loreto 11-Jul-2018
I am a latina faculty at UWB, and I would like to connect with people in this organization.
Rees Clark 9-Jul-2018
Si Ud. quiere ofrecer su apoyo a los niños «encarceladas» por ICE sigue el enlace siguiente. If you want to offer support in the matter...
Tom Laing 3d 31-Jan-2018
Found this interesting article in the Seattle Times.
Betty Koteles 11-Nov-2015
Clases de GED® en Español .. TIENES PREGUNTAS? Asiste a la Clase de Orientación para el Curso que comienza en Enero -Trimestre del...
Rosario Reyes 11-Nov-2015
Job available: Digital Marketing Specialist (Communications Consultant 2) Requires Bachelor's degree and Spanish language skills Closes...
Ken Klima 2-Nov-2015
Worked in Outlook. I also have MSN Premium and that appeared to hang up, but since very few people have MSN Premium, likely not a problem. ...
Manager Clark Internet 15-Jan-2010
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LLI Gala 2018

color photo of girls & ladies in mexican dance attire
Partygoers at the Leadership Gala were treated to a recital of regional dances of Mexico. Click for more pictures.

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We all face the need to have a good life every day. We all experience a desire to conquer what may seem to be an impossible challenge. What defines us is how willing we are to do what must be done so we may be where we want to be. There always is a new way to make ourselves better than ever. LETI’'s aim in all that we do is to develop a future of hope, lifelong achievement, self-realization and well-being among all Latinos.

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